CONPT - Conference for Newspaper Production Technique-Japan

Founding Objective and History

 The association's name, CONPT-Japan, stands for "Conference for Newspaper Production Technique-Japan." The objective is to work together with newspaper companies for the improvement and advancement of newspaper production technology. The association was founded in May, 1975 by companies who were involved in providing equipment and services for newspaper production.
 At that time, the newspaper production had reached the age of CTS (Cold Type System) and advanced in computerized typesetting, plastic plates, offset printing and automated mailroom systems. In 1972, the first Newspaper Production Technology Exhibit called JANPS (Japan Newspaper Production Show), sponsored by the Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association, was held, followed by a second exhibit the following year. Spurring new technologies by these companies that exhibited at these shows, CONPT-Japan came to be founded.
 Under strong digital waves in the industry, the newspaper production has been required further technology innovations without any boundaries in between the editorials and productions. A mission of CONPT is to provide the solutions in the newspaper industries.
 Membership consists the full members who are companies to provide equipment and services for newspaper production and who have gone through the official process to be acknowledged for membership. And the associate members made up the newspaper companies that belong to the Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association. The year 2015 is the 40th year of its founding.
  The list of CONPT-JAPAN members

Organization and Administration

 The administration of CONPT is made up of people that represent CONPT from each of the member companies. The chairman, deputy chairman, the committee chairperson and sub-chairperson are the nucleus of the councilors who meet each month to set agenda and policies. There are three executive committees that assist the councilors. That are club, planning and PR committee who hold regular meetings to recommend various activities. All of CONPT members belong to one of these committees.
 The budget is made up of the fees from each of the member companies and the expenses are allotted based upon each activities. In May, after every fiscal year, a regular general meeting is held to go over the previous year's operations, financial report, the new year's operation plans and the budget. At year-end, a mid-term report is made on budget administration.
 The CONPT-Japan office is located in the Nippon Press Center Building. There are staff members to handle accounting, record-keeping, general affairs, liaison work, etc. The club room is provided for the member companies and the newspapers to hold various meetings.
  Access to the CONPT-JAPAN office

Various Activities

» Sponsorship of Study Tours to Newspapers Abroad (CONPT-TOUR)
 Called CONPT-TOUR, it is organized through the cooperation of the Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association and has been held annually since 1976, the year after CONPT's founding. In the early years, the visits were made to newspapers and their printing plants mainly in USA, but has since shifted more to Europe to visit IFRA Expo and drupa with study tours to newspapers around Europe.
 The tour participants consist of newspapers from all over Japan that belong to the Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association and the CONPT members. The results of these tours have proven to be great benefit to Japanese newspaper production technique.
» New-year Greeting Reception
 CONPT and Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association conduct jointly the New-year Greeting Reception. Over 300 attendees who are newspaper companies executives from editorials to productions and CONPT members are gathered in every new year to exchange the greetings and communicate each other with wishing happy new year.
» Publication of CONPT Bulletin
 As a medium for exchange of information between newspapers and the CONPT members, the articles in such topics as new technology, new products, JANPS, the CONPT-TOUR, etc. are featured together with columns on the aspirations of newly posted bureau chiefs of newspapers, reports by members, journals of CONPT activities, etc. The bulletin is published every other odd month and distributed to the members of the Japan Newspaper and Publishers and Editors Association and CONPT-Japan.
» Support for Japan Newspaper Production Show (JANPS)
 In regard to the Japan Newspaper Production Show (JANPS), CONPT has co-sponsored to exhibit from the 3rd JANPS in 1975. Held every other year, the first show took place at the Kitanomaru Science Museum in Tokyo, but due to the ever-growing scope and number of exhibits, the 9th (1987) show was held at the Trade Center in Harumi, Tokyo and the 11th (1991) was moved to Makuhari Messe in Chiba. From the 14th (1997), in consideration of the size and easy access, JANPS has been held at the Tokyo Big Sight in Ariake, Tokyo.
 CONPT members only are eligible to exhibit at this show, but from the 17th (2003), the show doors have been opened to also allow non-members to exhibit.
 The show was divided into sections such as transmission, communications, security, CTS-Page make up, plate-making, press, mailroom and materials, etc.
 The show is held for three days and attendees include newspapers from all over Japan, various related manufacturers and many visitors from overseas. During the show there are numerous seminars held at the conference rooms within the exhibit site.
» CONPT Seminar
 As a new feature, on the last day of JANPS in 2001, CONPT Seminar under the title of "Our Company's CTP" was held. The seminars were geared for introducing the various new developments of its members and the issues, which was well-received and it is the intent of CONPT-Japan to continue to present meaningful seminars with themes that reflect the times since then.
» Technical Workshop
 This workshop is conducted by CONPT members. And the subjects for the workshop are sea rche d among CONPT member companies that are any leading-edge technologies and contribute to the newspaper companies.
» Technology Discussion Meetings
 Lectures, sight tours and discussions are often held to give the members wide-ranging knowledge that is not necessarily limited to newspaper technology. It also presents an opportunity to form amicable bonds between its members which is another big merit.
» Technical dialogue with newspaper companies
 We set up a working group to explore the new technologies expected by the newspaper companies and started the technical dialogue activities from 2016. We have been talking a wide range of "technologies of the future" with executives, engineers, and young staffs of newspaper companies.